{June 28, 2008}   Tokidoki

I’ve been a big fan of anything tokidoki related for about a year now, I just love the cute artsy designs of creator Simone. I first discovered tokidoki when shopping at Ala Moana shopping mall here in Hawaii and walked past the LeSportsac store near the end of the mall and saw these bright, colorful, anime-ish posters featuring cute stylistic cartoon characters. I went into the store and saw their bags and fell in love with the designs immediately.

Since then, there’s been several different designs released and new tokidoki characters unveiled, which I will review later. I also recently discovered that tokidoki has also released tokidoki-themed clothing, featuring the characters from some of the more popular design lines. The good news is that as the brand has gained popularity, so has the availability of your buying options. You can buy new tokidoki handbags at the LeSportsac store in Ala Moana, or whereever you are, but I also found this great online store Tokidoki Deals where you can find awesome deals on new and gently used tokidoki items for both men and women such as tokidoki bags, tokidoki shirts and even the cute tokidoki toys (Qees) that come with their bags.

Aloha, and happy shopping!


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